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    Contemporary Villa with Striking Sea Views

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    The Boat House is architect designed

    contemporary house with direct access to the sea.

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Turkey Holds Place Worldwide in below 6 category

10 ‘can’t miss’ rooftop bars around the world

Mikla, Istanbul
Istanbul has one of the most remarkable skylines in the world. The architecture, the sounds, the life, it all comes across so effortlessly for this remarkable city. Spend an evening at Mikla and take it all in over some of the city’s best Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

12 luxury hotel openings to be excited about this year

Raffles Istanbul, Turkey
No luxury hotel list is complete without a Raffles property; quite possibly the most distinctively luxurious hotel brand in the world their latest offering will delight Raffles fans and newcomers alike. There is a certain romance associated with any Raffles hotel and with views stretching out across the city this hotel promises ‘inspired architecture, ravishing luxury and gastronomical innovation’. Istanbul is not a city for the feint hearted; steeped in history it is busy, in your face and mesmerizing all at once. Your poor senses can barely keep up. Offering the perfect retreat after a busy day, reservations can be made from the beginning of September and if it’s the best room in Istanbul you want, book yourself the Raffles Suite.

10 of the most unique hotels in the world

Cappadocia Cave Suites, Turkey
Located in the city of Göremewith the world famous fairy chimneys to give company, the hotel offers stone and cave homes of hollowed out soft volcanic rocks for enterprising guests who wish to immerse themselves into the experience. Except for the shape of walls and the odd jutting out pieces of rocks and perhaps the not so arched archways of the doors, the rooms embody the very modern concept of luxury, a sharp contrast to the cave dwellers of the past. All in all if you are in the mood for tracing out the cave man or woman in you, you can’t go wrong with this.

5 of the best luxury hotels in the world

The Mardan Palace Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
Built with a budget of $1.65 billion, the Mardan Palace Hotel is one of the top luxury destinations in the Mediterranean. Its ultra-large swimming pool can fit up to a thousand guests, and almost 10,000 tons of fine white sand was imported from Egypt to provide the guests with a beach area. The interiors are fitted with Italian marble, crystals, and gold leaf. There are decadent dining spots and bars, as well as an aquarium housing hundreds of colourful and exotic fish. Plus, the Mardan Palace also provides its guests with 24/7 butler service.

6 of the best places to see natural wonders

See white calcium rock formations with turquoise pools of water that turn pink as the sunsets in Pamukkale. In Olympus you can discover flames shooting out of rocks, (from natural gasses) and visit Cappadocia where people have created homes out of rock formations created by volcanic eruptions.

5 of the strangest tourist attractions in the world

The Hair Museum of Avanos, Turkey
In a cavern underneath his pottery shop, Turkish potter Chez Galip has a very unusual museum which is regarded as one of the weirdest museums in the World. Over the years he has collected 16,000 plus pieces of women’s hair, all tagged with where the original owner was from. Apparently, it all started over 30 years ago when one women due to leave Avanos left something for him to remember her by. Now, women who visit each year from all over the World leave a piece of their hair and every year 10 are picked from the walls to win and all-inclusive weeks holiday in Cappadocia. If you fancy visiting the more bizarre, then this is a must.

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